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Nutrition Weight Loss - The Link Between Insulin and Behavior

Many do not realize that food has something to do with things like criminal behavior, bad school performance and even Alzheimer's disease. It is mainly the additives in food and the eating of unhealthy processed foods that are to blame. Experts know that it leads to the failure of healthy nutrition weight loss and obesity but it is becoming increasingly clear that behavior is directly tied to diet.
One of the culprits is the sugar content in food. It raises the body's insulin level which often overshoots the system, resulting in hypoglycemia. When you get hypoglycemic, your brain secretes glutamate-a molecule that causes depression, anxiety, panic, suicidality and agitation. While glutamate is a normal neurological messenger, excesses of it can cause problems as listed above.
What many don't know is that glutamate is the same as monosodium glutamate or MSG-found in a great many foodstuffs we eat every day. Even those who are practicing nutrition weight loss will find that MSG lingers in even the most innocuous of foods. It is found in sugary foods to enhance the sugary flavor and is associated with the development of Parkinson's disease, Alzheimer's and ALS or Lou Gehrig's disease.
It is believed that between 15 and 20% of Americans suffer from low blood sugar. In kids, it shows up as hyperactivity. In adults and children alike, one can see aggressive and/or violent behavior when a person is hypoglycemic. Mental confusion results from being hypoglycemic, contributing to the onset of Alzheimer's disease.
In people who are striving for nutrition weight loss, you need to know that MSG is found hidden in the labeling of many foods and falls under the pseudonyms of natural flavors, hydrolyzed corn, and textured protein. Alcohol acts exactly like sugar when consumed by the body. It causes a vast amount of hypoglycemia after a brief rise in blood sugar and many end up drinking more alcohol to make up for their hypoglycemia.
It was found in a single study that up to 97 percent of those who were alcoholics were also found to be hypoglycemic. When these people were treated with changing their nutrition, such as with nutrition weight loss, up to 70% became completely sober. This is in comparison to a 25% rate of success with most other alcohol programs.
Another food additive found in foods is aspartame. It also leads to hypoglycemia by acting like MSG in the body. Let's say you're trying nutrition weight loss and you eat diet foods containing aspartame in them. Imagine the amount of hypoglycemia that is caused by all of the sugar-free foods you are eating. The hypoglycemia triggers you to become hungry so that you nibble and snack all day long, eating even more than you anticipated.
Even real sugar has its problems. Just drinking a single soda caused children to reduce their test stores, one study said. The kids, in fact, made twice as many mistakes as they did before drinking the soda. Their behavior was poor as well with increased aggression and violent behavior.
So is there a diet that is safe for people to eat? Such a diet would contain a great deal of lean meats and fish, vegetables and fresh fruits. Fish oil is also helpful in this kind of diet. You need to avoid all processed foods so as to avoid the MSG that is found in many of them. This includes flavored potato chips, many kinds of canned tuna, anything that comes in a box and foods that come already frozen and prepared for you.
There are some scientists that are lobbying with national officials to have better labeling criteria for food so that the dangers of hypoglycemia in the diet is reduced but efforts are hampered by the fact that there is no federal incentive to prevent diseases from happening.
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