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Is the Acai Berry a Super Food to Lose Weight With?


The marketplace is swarmed with dozens and dozens of weight loss pills and potions that claim to claim to be the quickest way to lose weight without much effort. We all want to believe that there is one magic potion that can help you shed off all the extra pounds and inches and help us gain the slim, sexy figure everyone craves for.
But losing weight and maintaining it is no easy task.
You need to have proper technique, the right knowledge and above all a fierce determination to make it work no matter what happens. But there is one miracle product entering the marketplace lately that is showing promising results in people looking to lose plenty of weight in a relatively short duration of time. This miracle berry, called the acai berry has been earning worldwide recognition as the latest weight loss miracle discovery to take the weight loss industry by storm.
What is the Acai berry?
The acai berry is the fruit of the Brazilian Acaizeiro plant which is native to the wetlands of Brazil. The ancient fruit has been harvested by natives since a few centuries ago as a potent medicine for various illnesses which include boosting energy for the men and as a tonic for women after childbirth. The modern world has been exposed to information about this berry on the various talk shows that have portrayed this fruit as the next Super food. But how does acai berry live up to these wild claims and is acai really a food to lose weight with?
This topic has been much in debate among experts and professionals alike with differencing opinions. Some are adamant that the acai is merely a fruit that is rich in antioxidants and a horde of other nutrients that is good for humans. But there is no substantial evidence or finding that can back up the claims of the acai being a weight loss wonder.
People who have tried acai berry have reported different results as well. Some enthusiasts claimed that taking this berry supplement can indeed help curb appetite and help to reduce the amount of food taken in a day. The reduced calorie intake would obviously result in some weigh loss. Others who have tasted the berry claimed that even with regular intake of food, the berry has the power to help you lose weight which might be attributed to the constituents contained in them.
The acai is rich in fiber which can help create the feelings of satiation and fullness, which would prevent you from overeating. As a fruit that is high in this important element, the acai berry can easily attribute its weight loss claims to the high fiber content found in the berry pulp.

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