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I Can't Lose Weight - What Should I Do?


Why Can't I Lose Weight? I am doing all the things right but .....
This is a common complaint we hear from people who are desperately trying to lose weight and properly following all the recommendations by experts. Yet why is it that they are not seeing any results?

Let's see a few common complaints and their possible answers. Many people think that drinking a lot of water everyday, eating healthy meals, exercising a little bit should help them lose away all those pounds gained from years of neglect and unhealthy habits.
Some folks are just pushing themselves too hard. They are desperate and are willing to go to any lengths. The danger is that they may fall flat on their face.
It is time to swallow the bitter pill. Here are some possible reasons why you are not losing weight ...
Drinking Water and Still Not Losing:
Drinking water is very good for boosting metabolism rate. But water by itself may not help much with weight loss. After all there is a limit to how much water you can drink in a day.
Drinking too much water in the hope of losing weight is probably not going to do you any good. It is said that you should drink about 2 liters of water in a day.
If you are already in the habit of drinking sufficiently then you don't need to do anything extra, but if you drink less amount of water then try to increase it to a sufficient level.
I Can't Lose Weight Despite Healthy Meals:
Some people may complain that they are eating healthy but still not losing weight. Eating healthy is just one part of the equation. You also need to eat within limits. If you are eating healthy food it doesn't mean you can eat as much as you want.
There are 2 mistakes you can do here. Either you will not eat sufficiently and starve yourself in the hope of losing weight. Or you will think that you are eating healthy foods so you can eat a lot of it.
You should choose a middle path between those 2 methods. Neither should you starve yourself nor should you eat more than is required. Even if you are eating just fruits and vegetables, don't eat more than normally required for healthy body functioning.
Also try to spread the meals in order to improve metabolism. You can do so by eating smaller and frequent meals rather than 2-3 larger meals a day. Try this out and you may feel better in terms of energy and weight reduction.
My Exercises are Not Helping Me:
A third complain of people is that they can't lose weight even though they are exercising and walking everyday. Here again you have to remember a few points.
Just by exercising alone you may not lose much weight. If you have to lose just a few pounds then exercising and healthy eating might be sufficient to achieve desired results.
However for people who have neglected themselves for too long and have put on a lot of excess weight, they will require some time to shed off all those extra flesh. It is unlikely to vanish all of a sudden.
What You Need to Do:
Such people need to follow regular exercise schedule, healthy eating patterns, try natural metabolism boosting tips etc. on a consistent basis in order to see some good results! If possible you may also try weight lifting and cardio exercises.
But its still possible even though it may take some time. You just need to try a little bit harder and show more determination than the other folks. Don't be lured by overnight success stories. They may be very rare cases and not all of them may enjoy long term weight loss. Stick to tried and tested methods of weight reduction that have worked for many.
Also remember that once you have lost weight you need to maintain it. You need to keep up the exercising, walking and healthy eating habits  in order to avoid gaining back what you have lost.

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