Sunday, January 6, 2013

Healthy Ways to Lose Weight Quickly


What are healthy ways to lose weight quickly? It can be misleading given all the propaganda that the diet industry has but out. Low carb diets are a big misconception and they do not tell the effects that eliminating carbs out of your diet can do.
Carbohydrates are the main energy that is used for cell function. Following low carb diets can lead to a break down of precious muscle tissue and not fat.
So why is it that many doctors are endorsing these fad diets? They are definitely not healthy ways to lose weight quickly. Their diet sounds good at first who wouldn't want to live off protein alone; it doesn't provide your body with the adequate nutrition it needs. You need whole grains and vegetables to help aid in certain bodily functions. Our brain needs glucose (sugar) to function properly. Glucose is a carbohydrate.
When first starting on a low carb diet, you will lose weight; water weight. This is done through ketosis. Your body is energy expenditure is going towards digesting protein that it can cause kidney stones or kidney damage. After you lose water weight, you will start to lose fat and muscle tissue. The best way to lose weight is build muscle because it burns fat and calories at a faster rate. These are not healthy ways to lose weight quickly.
Low carb diets are not a lasting solution to weight loss. Commitment and lifestyle changes are. Once you go off a diet, you are more likely to gain back the weight you lost and then some due to fat storage once you introduce nutrients that your body has not been receiving.
So what are healthy ways to lose weight quickly? There are healthy strategies and tips that can help you lose weight.
You should eat three small meals and snack in between. You need to fuel your body to help it function. You can even indulge once in a while. Do it in moderation and just taste it. Do not inhale it. Find someone to share it with or eat half and throw the other half away. This will help set the mindset about deprivation and that you really are not depriving yourself at all.
A great way to cut calories and fat is to make the switch to fat free milk. It can save lots of empty calories and fat in your beverages. It affects the taste of the milk by minuscule amounts.
If you want a slice of pizza, you should cut it half. These strategies can help you lose weight quickly and you will not feel deprived. You will find ways to lose weight quickly and won't be dreaming of giant candy bars and fat laden cheesy Mexican food that most of us can't seem to get enough of.

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