Thursday, January 3, 2013

Desperate to Lose Weight? This is Why You Have Been Kept in the Dark About Weight Loss

Do you know the number one reason why you're desperately overweight? Capitalism.
There are so many people today suffering from obesity and looking to lose weight, that the big corporations are making millions upon millions of dollars out of them. Do you think all those commercials advertising diet foods,
exercise equipment, fat loss supplement and celebrity exercise programs really want us to lose weight? I highly doubt that. They want us to buy their product, fail, and then start looking for another product to purchase.
This is happening because most people are expecting to simply sit on the couch and have the weight loss recipe delivered right to them. They want a fast weight loss diet or are looking for some fat loss secret. They do not want to take the right action. They don't want to make any effort to lose the weight. In reality they simply "wouldn't mind" if they could drop the pounds, but it's not something that they really want. They may have even made an effort, but put all their energy into some commercial method, which produced very little results.
Ask yourself this question. Do you WANT to lose fat? Or would you just not mind if the weight disappeared? If you've found this article and are still reading then I think we both already know the answer.
Losing weight is really simple. Once you get past all the BS information, which is out there just to promote some new "revolutionary" fat loss technique, or product, you will realize that all your life you've been kept in the dark. The truth is - the most effective way of losing weight is sticking to basics. You don't need to have a special exercise program, a special diet or a special product for most efficient and successful weight loss. All you need is the right information, which is readily available in any non-commercial setting devoted to fitness. These "settings" however are very hard to come by.
Weight loss requires a very simple recipe. You exercise properly and intensely and you eat healthy food at the right times in the right proportions. When I first learned about eating right, I realized how "common sense" this information really is, sadly we are all "brainwashed" by the mainstream media. Once you have the right info, not only will the motivation and effort you need to exert, in order to slim - significantly drop. But you also find that you can indulge in eating your favorite foods, because now you know how they affect you, and when you should and should not be eating them.
The right weight loss information isn't some mystical secret only available to the very few. All the basic information is already out there, you just need to stop looking at the mainstream media for this information. Their only goal is to sell you more and more overpriced products.
For example: "Weightwatchers" - very popular here in the UK. They started out as a company that helped you lose weight. They filled out most of their programs with large amounts of motivational fluff, and some very basic and ineffective weight loss techniques. People would try those, fail and get frustrated. However instead of admitting to themselves that the fat loss program is worthless, they come back for more because of the motivational fluff which makes them believe that the program works wonders.
Once "Weightwatchers" became popular, the company started marketing their own line of "healthy" snacks. People were getting frustrated, as they were not losing weight. They weren't given the right information. However the "motivational fluff" meant that people had good faith in the company. And now they are eating all those products right up!
The mainstream media doesn't want us to know the whole truth about losing weight. It doesn't want to give us clear answers and clear no BS information that is needed for efficient weight loss. They spoon-feed us useless fluff, promising us that we can lose weight without any effort. They make us believe that any kind of proper fat loss is tedious; I mean, have you ever seen the faces of the people doing the basic exercises in those fat loss commercials? Now try and look at the people exercising in real life. I can guarantee most of those people will look happy and healthy while doing them.
Striving for a goal of fitness, and body transformation (the proper way) will make you feel empowered and fulfilled. NOT frustrated and drained, like the media wants you to believe.

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