Wednesday, December 5, 2012

What do warm-ups do for me?

Warm-ups instruct the body to get ready for action. When you warm up the heart rate increases, as well your rate of breathing enhances. Warm-ups frees up the blood so that you have good circulation. When you warm up, you lubricate the muscles and joints since the body temperature elevates. Warm- ups help you to stay in control, since you reduce the odds of injuries. At what time you work those muscles and joints, you
free up blood, which flows naturally throughout your system.
This means that oxygen increases, insulin pumps and so on. You feel good when you stretch since it reduces pain. At what time the blood flows naturally, your mind benefits. When your mind works properly your awareness is prompt, your motivation soars and your mood are set to win in the game of life.

Once you have warmed up start your walking fitness schedule. Again, walk for a few minutes before picking up pace. After you have finished workout, cool-down and allow the muscles and joints to relax.

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