Thursday, December 6, 2012

Walking Fitness and why it helps you

At one time in our life, we all have said we are going on a diet. We have good intents sometimes, but we have an inner source that holds us back. We often make excuses to avoid walking to fitness.

The weather outside is one of the excuses we may use to avoid improving our health. The weather should never stop us however, since we have many alternatives when it comes to walking fitness.

We may say, “I’ve had a bad day at work,” so we do not do what we are supposed to do. Then we just stop all together. What’s the purpose?

Some of us say, “I don’t have the energy. This is an excuse, which keeps your energy down. When you walk or exercise it boosts energy and even if you feel fatigue before you walk, you will feel energized when you done if you walk.

We are all guilty of it. Especially around the holidays, we may say, after Christmas I plan to make my New Years Resolution to take action, but it does not happen. We start out with those good intentions, yet the intentions we have fall into the dark chambers of our mind. We need to take steps on how to make it happen as well as doing what is right for your health.

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