Sunday, December 23, 2012


To help us choose the best health possible for ourselves, we have to realize that taking no  action  is  the  same  as  choosing  to  be  overwhelmed  by  our  past  and  our environment.
Pain, misery, suffering and premature death are the natural results for most of us if we continue as we have been. Normal, as defined in our culture, is not so healthy. Absence of a disease is only the midpoint in your movement to wellness.

If you suffer from excessive stress, you must learn stress resolution and management techniques. This area needs your conscious attention if you are to be healthy. You will learn how to go beyond just dealing with the stressors that greet you every day. You will find out how you can absolutely erase old, stored stressors. Learning how to deal with stress will empower you and help you teach loved ones to reduce stress in their lives.

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