Thursday, December 6, 2012

Statistical Details in Walking Fitness

More than half of the United States citizens do not exercise. Over one quarter of these, citizens are adults that do not workout. Around 20% are students in high school. These students stay active 20 minutes each day. Studies show that more men are active. In addition, as we age activities start to cease. According to reports, minorities do not exercise or stay active
as much as other citizens in America. In the studies,
it was found that those seeking higher degree or education, as well as those who make substantial income join in more activities than those who do not have the same lifestyle. Furthermore, people with weight problems do not exercise or join activities as much as those who are not overweight. Due to these statistics, the soaring statistics on heart disease and other disease is increasing. Do something about it now. Instead of sitting on that couch watching television, get up and walk to fitness. Imaging how the statistic reading would read if only each of us walked to fitness each day. Can you say ZERO!

Hiking in walking fitness is a great way to enjoy nature.

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