Sunday, December 23, 2012



Can you love yourself enough to take action that is in your healths best interest? Good! Your willingness to take action is the key to your success. It is the first step to living a longer, livelier, more abundant life.

Our egos prefer pleasure and the status quo. The ego reaches a certain comfort level and then locks into it, at times even convincing you that change is futile. This takes place on a biochemical level and is usually happening beneath the level of your con- scious awareness.

You can change your bodys habits as you would change the habits of a young child – gently encouraging and reinforcing daily. Doing so, over time, will create a new habit. Your body will then reach a new level of comfort and lock into it – for your benefit.

The new habit will replace the old one. As this takes place, you will feel better. Remember, this is a process that takes place very naturally. Because you like feeling better, you are then motivated to continue improving

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