Sunday, December 23, 2012


The body, usually allied with the egos preference for comfort and ease, resists change. Part of the reason this occurs is that the very habits we have developed keep us in a sub-optimal state of low energy.
This low-energy state can then make it seem impos- sible for us to do the things needed to make the changes we say we desire.

As soon as we make a change for example, eliminating toxic foods we feel dis- comfort as the mind-body  system rebalances its chemistry. If a long-time smoker stops smoking, withdrawal occurs. The smoker experiences cravings and may feel anxious. When you likewise stop eating toxic food, you may also experience with- drawal symptoms, including aches and pains. What happened is that the body has gradually accommodated the toxins and now depends on them to feel normal. This happens even though normal” may be compromising your health.

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