Sunday, December 23, 2012


Anything you do to improve your health will be helpful. From this book, you will learn the single most important exercise and how to rationally take charge of your eating habits. Your results will far exceed the relatively little effort involved, and you can look forward to feeling better quickly.

As I stated earlier, my job is to make it easy for you easy to understand and easy to take action that works for you. I share with you what has been learned from the lat- est sciences neurobiology, quantum mechanics, and cosmic physics as well as from the oldest philosophies.

You may have already experienced injury, surgery or accident with a residual effect. Recovery may require long-term involvement in new behaviors. I know this from experience. When I lay on my back in a hospital awakening from a ten-day coma, I knew things were going to be different. The casts on my head, arm and leg made it clear to me that my process would take time and that I would need to be patient.

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