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known as 5-HTP, is used as a supple- ment to control appetite. Like hoodia, 5-HTP is considered natural because it is an extract from the seed of an African shrub,
Griffonia simplicifolia and because 5-HTP is the precur- sor to serotonin in the body. The theory is that if the precur- sor to serotonin is supplied externally, levels of serotonin will increase. It is for this reason that, in addition to its use as an appetite suppressant, 5-HTP has gained popularity with the health supplement industry for use in the treatment of ail- ments associated with low serotonin, including migraines, insomnia, depression, and chronic pain.Manufacturers of 5-HTP supplements do not have any scientifically valid experiments proving their ability to control appetite or cause weight loss. Similar to other supplements, FDA control is very limited unless users suffer extreme health prob- lems or die as a direct result of their use of 5-HTP. Consumers should be especially cautious if they have other risk factors, such as heart disease, or if they are taking other medication, such as antidepressants.

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