Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Wrapping Things Up

Weight is a hot conversation topic, but unfortunately many women and men have trouble discussing it with each other. Part of the reason is miscommunication:  women and men seem to speak different weight-loss languages.
 Women and men use different words to describe their weight and their weight-loss efforts. Women tend to use colorful words such as fat and flabby, words that focus on appearance and often paint an unflattering picture; men often use sports terminology, such as big and large, and focus on health and/or performance. Men are also more likely than women to express their weight and weight-loss efforts in more positive terms.
 Even when men and women use the same words, the words can have very different or even opposite meanings. Women view thin as a compliment, while men tend to view it as an insult, translating it as “weakor “wimpy.
 The gender-based  world of weight loss is evolving—and its to both womens and mens benefit. Men are more likely to commit them- selves to weight loss and are willing to discuss their experience more publicly. As a result, women are beginning to seek out men for weight-related advice.

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