Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Why We Lose Weight

Liberty Central High Schools twenty-year class reunion is just weeks away. High school sweethearts Maria and Juan were thrilled when the invitation to their class reunion arrived. In the old days, Maria was a cheerleader, and Juan played the bass drum in the march- ing band. They both had many friends back in Miami, but Juans job required that they relocate to Texas.
Now they keep in touch with everyone mainly by phone and e-mail. In fact, they figured it had been at least 10 years since they had seen most of their high school pals.
Maria and Juan agreed it was time to go back and visit.While Maria was looking forward to seeing her old friends, she was also nervous. Since getting married and having three children, she had likened her weight to an elevator, always going up and down. The night after making flight and hotel reservations, Maria stepped on the bathroom scale and quickly did the math: She was at least 25 pounds heavier than she had been in high school. Maria had always been
athletic and conscientious about what she ate. But between her part-time job, volunteer work, and the kidsschool and sports schedules, her eating habits had slipped. Discouraged by her weight, she searched the Internet for the latest ideas on how to lose weight before the reunion. Armed with a new sense of purpose and motivation, she said, “I cant go back and let my friends see me like this! I am going to lose this weight. Starting tomorrow, no more desserts. I’m cutting back on how much I eat and I’m going to walk every day.

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