Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Why Men and Women Think They Gain and How They Think They Lose

When it comes to what people think is responsible for weight gain, there is a clear divide between the sexes. In general, women are more likely to accept personal responsibility for a weight gain than men,acknowledging that the choices that theyve made to eat too much food and not get enough exercise are the roots of their weight status. Unfortunately, some women go too far in accepting responsibility for their weight gain, turning it into an exercise in self-blame and guilt. Although taking responsibility and learning from past behaviors are important to making a positive change, dwelling on past errors and wishing they hadnt happened is not helpful when it comes to achiev- ing lasting weight loss.
Another area in which the genders tend to differ in their beliefs is choosing the best approach to losing weight. Many guys put their faith in exercise, and there are logical reasons for that. First, men are more likely than women to believe that a reduction in or lack of exercise was at the root of their weight gain, so it makes sense to them that revving up that aspect of their daily life would be the solution for reversing the problem. Confidence may play a role as well. Because many guys have more confidence in their ability to exercise than in their ability to make wise food choices, they often turn to physical activity to lose weight, leaving out of the mix the concept of reducing their intake of calories from food.
Women take a different approach. Although most women recognize that exercise is an important factor in the weight equation, they are less likely to use it as a primary weight-loss method, relying instead on reducing calories from food. And just like guys, confidence may play a role in the decision. Womens confidence when it comes to exerciselags behind that of most men. Women do tend to be confident, how- ever, in their knowledge of food and how it can be used in the weight- loss process.

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