Thursday, November 22, 2012

Weight Maintenance

When it comes to keeping lost weight off, its all about maintaining a healthy lifestyle. A large study involving middle-aged  men proves this point. The study, which included almost 20,000 men, looked at the impact that  some lifestyle changes—such as  increasing activity, decreasing time watching television, and improving eating habits—had on weight. Keep in mind that this was not a study that had weight loss as a goal.
After four years, the men who adopted the positive lifestyle changes lost an average of about 3 pounds while the men who made no lifestyle changes gained an average of 3 pounds. In addition, the rate of obesity was lowest among those who were physically active com-
pared with those who were sedentary. The researchers concluded that making positive lifestyle changes has the potential to result in modest weight loss or weight maintenance even when weight loss is not a goal.
The National Weight Control Registry, the largest study of individu- als successful at long-term maintenance of weight loss, has also provided some outstanding  evidence of what it takes to maintain substantial weight loss. The consensus of the NWCR research appears to be that women and men who have been able to lose weight successfully and keep it off have learned to incorporate key positive behavior changes into their lifestyle. Four lifestyle changes common to successful weight los- ers are consistently making wise food choices, exercising often, regularly eating breakfast, and frequently monitoring ones weight.

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