Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Weight Loss—A Touchy Subject

Situation: I’m a thirty-year-old guy who recently achieved a healthy weight, having lost about 25 pounds. I stopped playing sports in high school, and in college  I started noticing that my weight was creeping up. I put on more weight in my twenties.
 So I started going to the gym and watching what I ate, and the weight came off. But now I’m concerned about my younger sister. She just started a new job and she is the heaviest I’ve ever seen her. I want to talk with her about her weight, but shes very sensitive about it. Any thoughts on how to bring up the subject? I really want to help her.Strategies:  You are a terrific brother! A fundamental difference between men and women is that most men do not appreciate unso- licited support, while women often thrive on it. I suggest  that you speak with your sister about how much your weight-loss success has improved your life—how it has given you more energy, how you feel better about yourself and can even get into a suit from your college years. Let your sister know that you’d like to share the benefits of your success with her if shes interested. That doesnt
mean telling her what you think she needs to do to fix her problem, but rather telling her that you want to be there to support her. Why not invite her to your gym, have her over to your place for a light meal, or ask her to take a Sunday-morning hike with you? When it comes to weight loss, success is contagious. Let your sister catch your success and then encourage her as she finds her way.

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