Monday, November 12, 2012

Weight-Conscious Wives

Situation:  I do not understand why my wife and daughter are so focused on their weight and seem to blame their weight when things dont  go right in their lives. For example, my daughter recently did not get a job that she wanted and was convinced that it was because of her weight (shes only slightly overweight). My wife twisted her ankle recently and said that if she weighed what she should, it would never have happened.
 Even when they are los- ing weight, they cant seem to get past blaming their weight. What can I say to help them see past the weight and understand that sometimes things just dont go your way?  Strategies: The first thing you need to understand is that many women      view the world through a weight lens. That mind-set prob- ably stems from the fact that women tend to think about their weight more often and are usually more emotional about it than men. So its not uncommon for women—including your wife and your daughter—to blame problems on their weight. I hear it all the time. Tired after being up all night with the baby? Must be the weight. Feeling blue because a deadline at work wasmissed? Again, its the weight. Cant find the right outfit for an upcoming event? Bingo! Guys who understand this can help the women in their lives reframe the factual reasons behind the negative feelings. Lack of sleep, unrealistic demands at work, bad luck, and the frus- tration of shopping for clothes—not ones weight—are more likely to be at the root of such hassles. Helping  your girls expand beyond their weight the reasons why everyday obstacles crop up can help them not only focus less on their weight but also deal more effec- tively with those issues as they occur.

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