Thursday, November 1, 2012

True Hunger

Once your body gets to a certain level of better health, you begin to feel the difference between true hunger and just eating due to desire, appetite,  or withdrawal symptoms. Your body is healthier at  this
stage and you won't experience the withdrawal symptoms such as
weakness, headaches, lightheadedness, etc., that most people associ­ ate with hunger.
It is our unhealthy tendency to eat  without experiencing true hunger that contributed to our becoming overweight to begin with. In other words, to have become overweight in the first place, ap­ petite, food cravings, and other addictive drives that induce eating have come into play. Poor nutrition induces these cravings (addictive
drives), and nutritional excellence helps normalize or remove them. My experience with  thousands of patients following my healthful, high-nutrient eating plan is that most of these people no longer get the discomfort that they formerly mistook for hunger.  Even  when they delay eating and get very hungry, they no longer experience stomach cramps,  headaches,  or fatigue accompanying their falling
blood sugar. They merely get hungry and ihey enjoy this new sensa­ tion of hunger in the mouth and throat, which makes food taste bet­ ter than ever. Many of my patients have told me they enjoy this new sensation; they like being able to be in touch with true hunger and the pleasure of satisfying it.
The one point I want to emphasize is that it does not require any precise measuring of calories or specific diet to maintain a thin, mus­ cular weight. It only requires that you eat healthy food and that the hunger drive be real.

Very few Americans have ever experienced true hunger.

The ability to sense true hunger, which is a mouth-and-throat sen­ sation, does not occur until after you are eating healthfully and have a high nutrient-per-calorie diet. Then, when the period of withdrawal from excessive eating of unhealthy foods and caffeine is over, you
can be in touch with
true hunger. You will learn more about head­ aches, hypoglycemia, and hunger in chapter seven.

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