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The Weight-Health-How the Genders Differ 2

Mike and Ann arrived at the picnic, and everybody loved Ann. In fact, she felt right at home because from what she could tell, the major- ity of Mikes family was overweight, too. She spent the entire afternoon getting to know Mikes siblings, cousins, aunts, uncles, and ninety- year-old grandmother. Everyone filled her in on the family history— achievements and physical ailments.
She found out that Grandpa John had type 2 diabetes and died from its many complications. In fact, according to Grandma, as far back as she could remember, most of the Collins men have had diabetes. Later that evening, driving back to their hotel, Ann told Mike that they needed to talk.
She said: “Mike, I loved meeting your family, but I’m worried about your health. Your grandmother told me that your dad and your two uncles have type 2 diabetes and your grandfather had it, too; she said that it runs in the family, mostly on the male side. I am concerned because you are built just like those guys—thick around the middle— and Ive read that men who carry weight in that area are at a very high risk of developing diabetes.
Mike listened intently to Ann. He thought a few minutes about what she had said. It was true; diabetes did seem to run in his family, particularly in the guys, who were large and had a gut. He said: Ann, youre right. I really miss my grandfather, and my dad and uncles look so unhealthy. Its time for me to get in shape. I promise you that as soon as we get home, I will call my doctor and schedule a physical.

Weight is an issue for both women and men. At some point everyone with a weight issue must come to terms with the reality of being over- weight and how it affects his or her health, physically and mentally. However, excess weight seems to affect women and men differently,
as it did Mike and Ann. Like Ann, women often are better informed
about how their weight affects their physical health. And carrying extra pounds causes many women to view their body image negatively. That view can affect their emotional health, making them feel down or even depressed. Men, however, tend to be more like Mike. Many guys are unaware of how being overweight can increase their health risk for many preventable diseases such as type 2 diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure, and possibly infertility. But once men personally expe- rience one of those diseases and someone presents them with accurate information about how weight loss can help, they are usually more than willing to take action to solve their health problem.

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