Saturday, November 10, 2012

The Weight-Health-How the Genders Differ 1

The Collins family reunion was right around the corner. Every five years relatives from all over the country—Atlanta, Los Angeles, Boston—congregated in Chicago for a weekend celebration. To kick off the festivities, everybody gets together for a picnic in a park adjacent to a sandy beach right on Lake Michigan. Mike and Ann Collins were making their way to the big event. They had eloped about three years before,
so this would be Anns first time meeting many members of the Collins clan. Ann was extremely nervous about going to the reunion. Even though she had lost some weight, she was still a large woman, and she cringed at the thought of Mikes family seeing her in a bathing suit. She had started losing weight in part because she and Mike were trying to conceive. She knew that obesity was linked with infertility, and after two years of trying, shed consulted her gynecologist. After several tests, her doctor had concluded that she
had polycystic ovary syndrome and recommended that she lose weight
to improve her chances of conceiving. Ann had spent a great deal of time finding the right weight-loss program and had developed a keen interest in diet and health.

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