Sunday, November 18, 2012

The Two Sexes Do It Differently 2

How to lose weight? Its a topic that women and men share an inter- est in. But knowing that weight loss is needed is one thing, and actu- ally losing weight is another. In addition, men and women differ in how often they take action and the general strategies they use. Like Traci, women are more likely than men to start a weight-loss plan. Many women have a long history of trying a variety of diets and weight-loss approaches.
Perhaps because of their varied experience, they tend to want to know all the details before they make the deci- sion to try a new approach—what, how much, and when they will eat; how much weight they can expect to lose; how much it will cost; and whether they need to exercise. Armed with that knowledge, the typi- cal woman will then discuss the approach with others to get their opinions and thoughts on the topic before getting started.Most men, on the other hand, respond more the way Jeff did. Part of the reason is that the average guy, generally speaking, has less expe- rience with a variety of weight-loss approaches than his female friends. When most guys are deciding to lose weight, they are less likely to amass a lot of detailed information or compare the specifics of various dieting methods. They are also less likely to ask a bunch of people for their opinion of which method to use. Instead, men tend to focus on the basics of the approach—what they can and cannot do. With that information in hand and perhaps after a consultation with someone he considers a weight-loss expert, the typical man will start. Then, as he is losing weight and seeing progress, he will get more information, and as he gains experience with the method, he will explore it in more detail.Trying to get a man to lose weight the way a woman does is unlikely to succeed. Likewise, women do not respond well to a mans way of losing weight. This chapter will help women and men appreciate that there is no right approach to deciding what weight-loss method to follow. The important thing to remember is that both women and men can achieve successful weight loss if they take the time to consider their different perspectives and support each others preferred weight- loss approach.

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