Tuesday, November 6, 2012

The "Magic" of Fiber - A Critical Nutrient

When  we  think  of fiber, we usually  think  of bran  or  Metamucil. something that we take to prevent constipation and that tastes like cardboard. Change that thinking. Fiber is a vital nutrient, essential to human health. Unfortunately, the American diet is dangerously de­ ficient in fiber, a deficiency that leads to many health problems (for
example,  hemorrhoids, 
constipation,  varicose veins, and diabetes) and is a major cause of cancer. As you can see, if you get fiber natu­ rally in your diet from great-tasting food, you get much more than just constipation relief. When you eat mostly natural plant foods, such as fruits, vegeta­ bles,  and beans,  you  get  large amounts of various types of fiber.
These foods are rich in  complex carbohydrates and both insoluble
and water-soluble fibers. The fibers slow down glucose absorption
and control the rate of digestion. Plant fibers have complex physio­ logical effects in the digestive tract that offer a variety of benefits, such as lowering cholesterol. Because of fiber, and because precious food components haven't been lost through processing, natural plant foods fill you up and do not cause abnormal physiological cravings or hormonal imbalances.

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