Tuesday, November 6, 2012

The American Diet: Designed for Disease


Americans currently consume about 42 percent of their calories from fiberless animal foods and another 51 percent from highly processed
refined carbohydrates and extracted oils.Almost half of all vegetables consumed are potatoes, and half of the potatoes consumed are in the form of fries or chips. Furthermore, potatoes are one of the least nutritious vegetables. The same studies that show the anti-cancer effects of green leafy vegetables and fruits and beans suggest that potato-heavy diets are not healthy and show a positive association with colon cancer.
Pos­ sibly  this association  exists  because  of  the way potatoes are con­
sumed — fried  or with  butter or other  dangerous  fats.  Excluding
potatoes, Americans consume a mere 5 percent of their calories from fruits, vegetables, and legumes.Cheese consumption  increased      140 percent between         1970 and 1996, and cheese is the primary source of saturated fat in our diet.' Convenience foods have probably been the driving force behind this increase. In fact, two-thirds of our nation's cheese production is for commercially prepared foods, such as pizza, tacos, nachos, fast-food meals, spreads, sauces, and packaged snacks. From convenience foods to fast-food restaurants, our fast-paced society has divorced itself from  healthful eating.  It may be conve­ nient to pick up soda, burgers, fries, or pizza, but that convenience is not without its price; the result is that we are sicker than ever, and our medical costs are skyrocketing out of control. The  diseases of poverty are  mostly  infectious diseases and  are found in areas of the world with compromised nutrition. Heart attacks and the most common cancers (breast, colon, prostate) are found in rich societies where nutritional extravagance is the rule. Nowhere in the world today can we find a society that combines economic wealth with a high intake and variety of unrefined plant foods. Can you imagine the health potential of a society that would be able to enjoy excellent sanitation, emergency medical care, refrigeration, clean water, flush toilets, and availability of fresh produce year-round and yet avoid nutritional  ignorance and  nutritional  extravagance? We have this opportunity today,  an  unprecedented opportunity in human history, the opportunity to live a long and healthy life without the fear of disease. This opportunity can be yours.


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