Sunday, November 4, 2012

Taste May Not Matter



Researchers wanted to see if moviegoers would eat popcorn even if it was stale, even if it tasted terrible. Sure enough, not only did everyone in this study eat whatever was given them, they ate plenty of it. People who were given small and medium containers of popcorn ate it all, and felt it was sufficient. On the other hand, people who were given giant sized containers filled with stale popcorn ate it all, too. The larger the portion served, the more the people ate.
Portion size determines how much is eaten, whether or not the food tastes good.
Source: Brian Wansink and SeaBum Park, "At the Movies: How External Cues and Perceived Taste Impact Consumption Volume." Food Quality and Preference.

TIP  You will eat whatever is in front of you. Don't tempt yourself with large portions on your plate.


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