Thursday, November 1, 2012

Surgery for Weight Reduction and Its Risks

According to the National Institutes of Health        (NIH), wound prob­
lems and complications from blood clots are common aftereffects of
gastric bypass and gastroplasty surgery. The NIH has also reported that
those undergoing surgical treatment for obesity have had substantial
nutritional and metabolic complications, gastritis, esophagitis, outlet
stenosis, and abdominal hernias. More than 10 percent required an­
other operation to fix problems resulting from the first surgery.9
Another tempting solution is liposuction. Studies show that lipo­
suction begets a plethora of side effects, the main one being death!
A  recent  survey  of  all 1,200  actively  practicing  North  American
board-certified plastic surgeons  confirmed  that  there  are  about    20
deaths for every 100,000 liposuctions, whereas the generally accept­
able  mortality  rate  for elective  surgery  is           1  in    100,000.10  Com­
pared with the 16.4 per 100,000 mortality rate of U.S. motor vehicle
accidents,  liposuction  is  not  a  benign  procedure.  Liposuction  is


vitamin B deficiency                                   239            39.9  percent

Readmit for various reasons                       229            38.2  percent

Incisional hernia                                         143            23.9 percent

Depression                                                142            23.7 percent

Staple line failure                                        90              15.0 percent

Gastritis                                                     79              13.2 percent

Cholecystitis                                              68              11.4 percent

Anastomotic problems                               59               9.8 percent

Dehydration, malnutrition                           35               5.8 percent

Dilated pouch                                            19               3.2 percent

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