Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Sparking People’s Interest in Losing Weight

Before making a serious commitment to weight loss, most people have some sort of experience or trigger that gets them fired up and ready to begin. Whereas the details of the experience vary, two motivators of weight loss remain fundamental: appearance and health. Both are important to men and women alike, although there tends to be some gender and age differences when it comes to just how much each fac- tor contributes to the weight-loss equation.
Lets start with appearance. Studies have found that the primary trig- ger setting off most womens decision to lose weight has to do with appearance. Thin is in, and losing weight makes most women feel more attractive. And that is fine as long as a woman has excess weight to lose or has been putting on pounds that she didnt have as a twenty-year- old. If, however, excess weight is not an issue, then weight loss may be an attempt to alleviate issues of poor self-esteem or a distorted body image. Losing weight in this situation is not a good idea.


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