Monday, November 19, 2012

Slurping Up the Calories

situation: My wife and I are trying to lose weight. We have decided to cut out sweetened soft drinks. Rather than switch to diet colas, I’m now drinking a lot of decaffeinated coffee (with just a little sugar and cream), fruit juice, energy drinks, and flavored waters. I’m drink- ing a lot more beverages now than I used to as a way to avoid eat- ing between meals. The weight is not coming off as quickly  as I think it should,
and I’m wondering if my choice of beverages has anything to do with it. Any recommendations?Strategies: It would appear that rather than reduce your caloric intake by eliminating regular soft drinks, you are choosing alterna- tive beverages that also contain calories. And by drinking more bev- erages throughout the day, the number of calories you’re drinking (as opposed to eating) is probably quite high. While the decaf- feinated coffee that you’re drinking is calorie-free, the sugar and cream you are adding are not. Fruit juice can provide a lot of calo- ries. Likewise, most energy drinks contain a fair number of calories, as do flavored waters. You need to read the labels of these products carefully to make sure that your choices are not laden with calories. There is one other factor that you’ll want to keep in mind in your beverage selection. It appears peoples bodies do not recognize” the calories consumed in beverages in the same way that they do food. That means you can drink a lot of calories without your body sending out an “I feel full” signal to the brain. While your strategy to use beverages to avoid eating between meals is a good one, it will work only if the beverages you choose arent full of calories. One way to keep the strategy and keep it simple is to stick to tap or bot- tled water.

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