Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Preventing Postpartum Pounds

Situation:  I’m twenty-nine and had a baby six months ago. I dont know whats wrong with me: I just cant seem to get rid of the extra pounds. I’ve just joined Weight Watchers but I’m not losing weight at the pace that I could when I was younger. I am frustrated  because I cant fit into any of my prepregnancy clothes. Any suggestions?

Strategies: First and most important, you need to be patient. Its truly sad that so many Hollywood celebrity moms have created a belief that a woman can return to her pre-baby weight and shape within days or weeks of giving birth. Those woman often have full- time trainers and chefs to help them shed their weight. They also have a great deal of motivation because their ability to earn a living often depends on their being able to take drastic steps to get weight off. In other words, they do not live average lives—but the rest of us do. Its a rare woman who returns to her prepregnancy weight without more time and effort than its taken to lose weight in the
past. Most new mothers are overwhelmed by so many changes— breastfeeding, hormonal peaks and valleys, sleep deprivation—all of which can make it difficult to adhere strictly to a weight-loss plan.Congratulations for joining Weight Watchers; it will help you to structure both your eating and your exercising in a way that is healthful and feasible. Attending a weekly meeting may be just what you need to stay motivated and accountable to your weight- loss effort. You’ll be losing weight now at a recommended pace, and that will enhance your health and ensure a strong body, espe- cially in the event of another child.One strategy that  may be helpful is weaving a weight-loss schedule into the babys  schedule. One tactic is preparing your meals during nap times and sticking them in the refrigerator. Taking long walks with  the stroller to get in some exercise is another. Most important, finding a way to attend the weekly meeting is a must. Many Weight Watchers locations have meetings that you can attend with your young ones so that finding a babysitter isnt necessary.  Alternatively, attending a meeting during your lunch hour (assuming you’ve returned to work) or leaving Dad in charge for an evening meeting may work best.

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