Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Not All Whole-Wheat Products Are Equal

Just because a food is called "whole grain" does not make it a good food. Many whole-grain cold cereals are so processed that they do not have a significant fiber per serving ratio and have lost most of their nutritional value. Eating fragmented and unbalanced foods causes many problems, espe­ cially for those trying to lose weight.
Whole wheat that is finely ground is absorbed into the blood­ stream fairly rapidly and should not be considered as wholesome as more coarsely ground and grittier whole grains. The rapid rise of glucose triggers  fat  storage  hormones.  Because the  more  coarsely ground grains are absorbed more slowly,  they curtail our appetite better. Whole-grain hot cereals are less processed than cold cereals and come up with better nutritional scores. They can be soaked in water overnight so you do not have to cook them in the morning. Some hot whole-grain cereals that I recommend are oatmeal (not instant),
Roman Meal,  Steel Cut Oats, Wheatena,  Ralston High Fiber,  and
Quaker Multigrain. Unlike eating whole-grain foods, ingesting processed foods can subtract nutrients and actually create nutritional deficiencies, as the body utilizes nutrients to digest and assimilate food. If the mineral demands of digestion and assimilation are greater than the nutrients supplied by the food, we may end up with a deficit — a drain on our nutrient reserve funds. For most of their lives, the diets of many American adults and children  are  severely  deficient  in  plant-derived  nutrients.  I  have
drawn nutrient levels on thousands of patients and have become shocked at  the dismal levels in supposedly  "healthy"  people.  Our bodies are not immune to immutable biological laws that govern cel­ lular function. Given enough time, disease will develop. Even bor­ derline  deficiencies can  result in  various subtle  defects in  human health, leading to anxiety, autoimmune disorders, cancer, and poor eyesight, to name a few.

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