Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Lost in Translation

When it comes to discussing weight, its almost as if women and men are speaking different languages. Not only do they use different words to describe the same weight-loss experiences, but they also often use the same word to convey a completely different meaning. Weight Watchers has been able to identify key words that, when used inappro- priately by the opposite sex,
can result in miscommunication and bad feelings. Heres a snapshot of what the research has decoded so far. Think of it as a gender-sensitive weight-loss dictionary to help deci- pher the meaning of particular words.

big    adj.: of great size, large, bulky
Womans translation: If you want to insult a woman, just call her “big. Overweight women would rather be referred to as full- figured, curvy, or well-endowed.
Mans translation: Men generally dont take offense at being called “big. In fact, many view it as a compliment; it makes them sound large, strong, and in charge.

challenge   n.: a calling into question, a call to a duel, anything that demands special effort Womans translation: When talking about weight loss, the word challenge resonates negatively with women. A
challenge sounds hard, difficult, something they would like to avoid. Using the word challenge with women can make them feel overwhelmed. Women often prefer to use the word journey to describe their weight-loss efforts.

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