Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Lost in Translation 3

exercise n.: performance or activity for developing the body or mind Womans translation: Exercise is something that athletes do. Women prefer to engage in physical activity; they work out, take aerobics classes, do yoga, and use hand weights.
Mans translation: Exercise is a macho word; men enjoy exercising and consider it a fundamental way to lose their guts and get in shape. Men run, play sports, hit the gym, and pump iron.

support v.t.: to carry the weight of; to hold up; to encourage or help;
to bear or endure
Womans translation: Most women seek a great deal of emotional and psychological support when losing weight. To a woman, support means “help and encouragement from other people”—friends, coworkers, family members, and loved ones such as a husband or boyfriend. Women often feel sabotaged when they dont get support from others.
Mans translation: Men also use the word support when talking
about weight loss, but they are referring more to technical and phys- ical support than to emotional support. From the male perspective, support is being advised about what to order from a menu or which foods to purchase at the supermarket. Certainly, many men turn to their wives or other women for help with those types of choices. But when the typical man talks about support, he means assistance from someone whose expertise on the topic exceeds his own.

thin    adj.: lean, slender, skinny
Womans translation: In our thin-obsessed culture, most women see being described as thin as the ultimate compliment. Indeed, thin is a very popular word among women describing how they would like to look. And when a woman has lost weight, its a major compli- ment to say that she looks thin.
Mans translation: For many men, thin is a synonym for unhealthy; it implies a weak and wimpy man. It would be insulting to say to a man, You look so thin!” Instead, men prefer being called “fit” or “less heavyor “in better shape.

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