Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Lost in Translation 2

diet n.: what a person usually eats or drinks; a special or limitedselection of foods and beverages chosen or prescribed to bring about weight lossWomans translation: Women love to use the word diet or its many variations and often identify with the concept: “I am on a diet, or I am dieting,or I am a dieter.
In fact, women often use the word diet when describing any weight-loss regimen, even a comprehen- sive approach that includes exercise, thinking skills, and a support- ive environment.
Mans translation: Although men under the age of forty-five are starting to use the word diet, many men still view dieting as a female phenomenon and a negative one at that. Rather than diet, men “change their lifestyle” (which is often used as a synonym for eating differently) and “get in shape.

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