Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Living Healthy Lifestyle Is Key

on  your mark, get set, go! The 10K race began. Judy and Alex took off along with hundreds of fellow runners. This was their third time running in this charity race, an event that was dear to their hearts—the proceeds from the race were being donated to diabetes research. What was most remarkable about Alex and Judy was that five years before, it would have been nearly impossible for either of them to participate in the race. Alex had type 2 diabetes and high blood pressure and was carrying at least 100 extra pounds, particularly in his stomach. Judy had insulin resistance and was at least 75 pounds overweight.
Their doctor warned that if they didnt lose weight, their health would continue to decline. He explained that type 2 diabetes is a serious medical condition that can often be prevented or controlled by losing weight and developing healthier eating and exercise habits. Thats all Alex and Judy needed to hear. They have two
young children who need healthy parents, so they agreed to lose weight together.
Alex and Judy joined a weight-loss program that taught them how to eat a wide variety of nutritious foods and how to incorporate exer- cise into their lives in a fun and realistic way. After about a year and a half, together they were 175 pounds slimmer. Alex was off all medica- tions, and Judy was given a clean bill of health. For the past several years, they have managed to keep the weight off and have become very active. Every day they have tried to get some type of exercise, whether it is walking, lifting weights, or running. Alex and Judy have enjoyed doing all three of those activities together.


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