Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Living Healthy Lifestyle Is Key 2

The race was held on a sunny fall morning. Since Alex finished the race a little before Judy, he waited for her at the finish line. While he was waiting, a former neighbor, Bill, came by and said that he had seen Alexs name on the registration list and had been looking all over for him. When Bill couldnt find him, he asked one of the race organizers if he knew where Alex was, and the man had pointed him out. Bill said that he never would have recognized Alex—he looked so fit! Then Bill asked Alex how Judy was doing.
Alex spotted her finishing the race and waved for her to join them. Bill commented on how life must be treating them both so well—they were both in such good shape. Bill wanted to know their secret. Alex thought for a moment, then said, Almost five years ago I had some health trouble and my doctor told me I had to lose weight. Judy was having some health problems, too. We decided that at thirty-eight we were too young to have diabetes, so we joined a weight-loss program and started losing weight together. Ive lost about one hundred pounds, and Judy has lost quite a bit too. The best part is that weve been able to keep the weight off for more than three years now. But I’ll tell you the truth: I could never have lost this weight on my own. Judy does most of the cooking, and she has taught me so much about what and how much to eat. She is my inspi- ration and my motivation.
Judy was thrilled to catch up with her old neighbor and to hear Alex compliment her. She said, Alex is too humble. I had tried to lose weight in the past on my own. I would lose a bit by following one diet or another, but after a while Id give up the diet and go back to where I was. But not this time. Alex and I have learned how to live a health- ier lifestyle. Now that were in this together, our whole family is healthier—we will never go back to the way we were!”
As weve seen throughout this book, women and men often have very different views about their weight—how they gain it, how they talk about it, and how they think they can lose it. Actually, both genders have strengths and weaknesses in the weight arena. But as chapter 11 highlighted, the research is clear on the benefits of a team approach: losing weight as a couple works. It isnt enough, however, simply to lose weight—keeping it off is at least as important. Having a weight loss that lasts is the ultimate measure of weight-loss success. This chapter reveals the information that can help women and men kiss their extra pounds goodbye for good.

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