Tuesday, November 13, 2012

I Need To Lose Weight and I Need Your Support 2

Although Ed was concerned about Jennifers weight, he never said a word to her about it. After her thirty-fourth birthday, she decided to fix the things in her life that she felt were broken and decided that losing weight and feeling better about her appearance were great places to start. She says,
“After my dad had been going to Weight Watchers for just ten weeks, I was totally impressed with his weight-loss success. I fig- ured if it worked for Dad, it could work for me.” Jennifer asked her dad about joining, and they agreed to help each other out. Every Wednesday they attend a meeting together. She says, “I love going to meetings with my dad. Its a special time for both of us. And my supervisors at work have been so supportive. They know how important losing weight is to me and
they have allowed me to make up the time I take off so that I can attend the meetings with my dad.”
Jennifer started Weight Watchers at 226 pounds and has lost sixty- seven pounds so far. She says, “I’ve gone from a size eighteen  dress size to a ten or twelve, and it just feels terrific to buy clothes and feel great wearing them.” One thing that Jennifer does thats different from what her dad does involves exercise. She explains, “I dont have time with my long commute, so I am very careful about what and how much I eat. I know exercise is important, but for now I’m focusing on my eating.”
Jennifer says that without her dads support and encouragement, shes not sure she would have been successful. Ed agrees. He says, “Jen and I are a team. We keep each other honest and motivated.”

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