Sunday, November 25, 2012

Heart Health - It's Not Just Fat and Cholesterol

There was also a relationship between animal protein and heart dis­ease. For examp
le, plasma apolipoprotein B is positively associated
with animal-protein intake and inversely associated
(lowered) with
vegetable-protein intake   (e.g., legumes and greens). Apolipoprotein B levels correlate strongly with coronary heart disease. Unknown to many is that animal proteins have a significant effect on raising cho­ lesterol levels as well, while plant protein lowers it.
Scientific studies provide evidence that animal protein's effect on blood cholesterol may be significant. This is one of the reasons those switching to a low-fat diet do not experience the cholesterol lower­ ing they expect unless they also remove the low-fat animal products as well. Surprising to most people is that yes, even low-fat dairy and
skinless white-meat chicken raise cholesterol.
1 see this regularly in my practice. Many individuals do not see the dramatic drop in cho­ lesterol levels unless they go all the way by cutting all animal pro­ teins from their diet. Red meat is not the only problem. The consumption of chicken and fish is also linked to colon cancer. A large recent study examined the eating habits of 32,000 adults for six years and then watched the
incidence of cancer for these subjects over the next six years. Those
who  avoided  red  meat  but  ate  white  meat  regularly had  a  more than 300  percent  increase  in  colon  cancer  incidence. The  same study showed that eating beans, peas, or lentils at least twice a week was associated with a 50 percent lower risk than never eating these foods.

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