Tuesday, November 13, 2012


When it comes to losing weight, many women are notorious for mak- ing black-and-white statements like “I’ll never eat chocolate again!or “I’m on a diet, so no more desserts.”The reality is that it wont be long before theyre nibbling on a bite-size candy bar or ordering a small slice of cheesecake when eating out. Whats going on? Weight Watchers research has found that compared with men, women often take poetic license, making sweeping statements to describe their weight-loss efforts. What women mean is that they are going to eat some foods in smaller portions or less frequently but not necessarily avoid them for- ever. The “never-again” declarations can be frustrating for men, who are inclined to take such language literally. The problem with thisparticular miscommunication is that it can lead a man to believe that his wife, daughter, or female friend is not serious about losing weight, so he may provide less support and encouragement than he might otherwise.

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