Tuesday, November 13, 2012


Men tend to be literal-minded and goal-oriented, especially when it comes to losing weight. If the meal plan says he cant have wine, he wont have wine. If the meal plan says he can eat steak and eggs, then he will eat steak and eggs. While this male logic may seem simplistic, researchers believe that it helps men set and accomplish their weight- loss goals—many of which are not based on the number on the bath- room scale.
What are some of mens weight-loss goals? A couple of examples from some male subscribers to Weight Watchers Online are “I need to get down to my riding weight so that I fit into my race leathers comfortablyand I want to get into the weight range that will get me the lowest rates for life insurance.
A word of advice to women who want to help their overweight men lose weight: theres no need to ask a lot of questions. Guys are more straightforward—if they set a weight-loss goal, chances are they     will follow through with it.
to lose weight. How can I talk to him so that he can understand how important losing weight is to me?
Strategies: The best approach is for you to have a straightforward conversation with your fiancé that puts the importance of your weight loss into a context that he can relate to and then provide him with specific things that he can do to support your efforts. For exam- ple, you could say that you are working with your doctor to get your diabetes under control (which will be important if the two of you are planning to have children), that weight loss is key to that goal, and that you’d appreciate his asking about the results of your bloodwork after your visits to the doctor. What is unlikely to work is asking him to notice and compliment you when you’ve lost a few pounds or to expect a weight-related compliment when asking a vague question like “How do I look?” From what you say, that is not a context he can relate to, so give him a break on this and rely on your church group and coworkers to support you on that front.


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