Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Fit or Fat?

Situation:  My uncle is overweight, but he insists that hes in good shape because he lifts weights and jogs on the treadmill several times a week. I told him he needs to lose weight, but he disagrees and says he is fit. As his only niece, how can I help him understand that I am concerned  about his health? My dad, his brother, was also overweight, and he died last year of a heart attack.

Strategies: The concept of “fit or fat” and its cousins “fit and fat” and “not fit and not fat are topics of much scientific debate. Experts agree, however, that to be fit and not fat is best. I’d suggest a two-tactic approach in reaching your uncle.
Since most guys like expert informa- tion from a reliable source, I suggest that you either print out the arti- cles for  him or use the e-mail feature at the site to  get the information into his hands. That tactic should take the conversation from “you say, he says to one based on the facts. Second, I suggest
that you appeal to the things you already know are important to him: being fit and in shape. Rather than focus on your concern that hes going to carry on the family tradition of having a heart attack, point out what better shape he’ll be in and how he can become even fit- ter by adding a food plan to his already admirable exercise regimen. I am confident that if he takes the first step, the results he sees will
motivate him to strive to be both fit and trim.

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