Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Finding Accurate Weight-Loss Information

Situation:  Whenever I have a question about weight loss, I ask my wife  because I  trust her. She says  she doesnt mind  myasking, but I feel as if I need some other in-depth resources. Any suggestions?Strategies: Getting reliable advice and information about weight loss is critical to lasting success,
yet sometimes it can be tough because there is so much information out there that ranges from excellent to mediocre to downright  hazardous to your health! Seeking out a source that you trust makes sense. On the Internet there are several sites sponsored by government agencies and pro- fessional organizations that provide excellent general information that  you may find  useful. For specific guidance and expertise, you might want to look to Weight Watchers. Attending a Weight Watchers meeting will  give you direct access  to a weight-loss expert. All Weight Watchers leaders have achieved a healthy body weight by following the Weight Watchers program and are keep- ing the weight off the same way. They have received extensive training about the program and are motivated to help you achieve the same success they are enjoying. While you may think that Weight Watchers meetings are just for women, think again. Men are regular attendees—hundreds of  thousands go to  Weight Watchers meetings each year—and like the women who attend, they value the information  and expertise they receive in the weekly meetings. In addition  to  Weight  Watchers meetings, provides a vast amount of expert informa- tion. Weight Watchers also offers Weight Watchers Online, a sub- scription product designed for self-helpers, with Internet tools and resources to assist with weight-loss efforts. As you seek out and find the expertise that helps you, be sure to share your newfound knowledge with your wife. I’m sure she’ll appreciate it.

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