Monday, November 19, 2012

Eating on the Road

Situation:  I’m a forty-five-year-old  salesman. My job keeps me on the road about 75 percent of the time, so I live my life on airplanes and in hotel rooms with minibars.  I also eat most of my meals in restaurants, often entertaining clients. Can you give me some tips on how to lose weight given my lifestyle?
Strategies: Being a road warrior can play havoc on the waistline. Its especially difficult when you’re playing host to clients and need to set the example for an indulgent meal. Here are a few tips that may help. First, order a light and healthy breakfast, like a poached egg on whole wheat toast with fruit or bran flakes and skim milk. Get- ting your day off to a good start without a lot of calories can help you as your day progresses. Second, do not accept the key to the minibar when you check into the hotel. That will help you avoid the can of cashews when the late-night munchies hit. When entertain- ing clients, rely on low-calorie starters to fill you up at the start. Good choices are shrimp cocktail, broth-based soup, mixed green salad, or oysters on the half shell. Select entrées that are simple and grilled—sirloin steak, pork chops, or salmon—and skip the sauces. If you’re ordering wine, keep the bottle near you so that you can top off your clients glasses but keep from filling your own. For dessert, order a coffee or cappuccino to enjoy while your guests are having something else. Finally, prepare yourself for long plane rides by bringing lower-calorie  choices on board with you. That helps you avoid the higher-calorie  snack foods that many airlines offer and keeps you from getting off  the plane famished and therefore tempted to overeat as soon as you get settled. By recognizing  the challenges of living on the road and having plans in place to deal
with them as they arise, you can successfully lose weight.

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