Monday, November 12, 2012

COUPLES UP CLOSE-Randy and Regina Jones 2

In 2003 Randys doctor gave him some alarming news. “He told me that if I didnt lose weight it was no longer a matter of if but when I would get diabetes.” This was the trigger Randy needed to shed his extra pounds. He asked his wife what he should do, and Regina recommended Weight Watchers: Randy joined that week.
“My  mom had been on Weight Watchers when I was a kid. I was amazed at how much the pro- gram had changed. It was way more flexible, and there were more guys in the program.” Randy started with the Flex Plan, which focuses on por- tion control, than decided to switch to the Core Plan, which focuses on foods with a low energy density. His weight seemed to melt off. And he found that Weight Watchers was easy to follow even when he was trav- eling. “I always make sure that I order a salad and some type of fish— something  I love but we rarely eat when I’m at home.”
Inspired by Randys weight loss success, Regina joined Weight Watch- ers a few months after her husband. “I came to the conclusion that the best way for Randy to continue losing weight was for me to join Weight Watchers so we could then help each other. I never had success keeping weight off on my own, and I didnt want Randy to fail.”
Currently Randy and Regina have lost their excess weight and are life- time Weight Watchers members. Randy explains, We love the program! Losing weight together has helped us both be healthier and happier. We’ve made so many new friends from going to Weight Watchers meet- ings. We couldnt imagine how people lose weight on their own.” They both follow the Flex Plan now, and their eating habits have rubbed off on their daughters. Randy said, “Its funny. I was so huge before I lost weight, but I just never realized it. My youngest daughter once told me she is so happy that I lost weight because now she can reach her arms around me and give me a real hug!”

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