Thursday, November 1, 2012

An Unprecedented Opportunity in Human History

Science and the development of modern refrigeration and transporta­ tion methods have given us access to high-quality,  nutrient-dense food. In today's modern society, we have available to us the largest
variety of fresh and  frozen  natural foods in human history. 

Using the foods available to us today, we can devise diets and menus with better nutrient density and  nutrient diversity than ever before pos­ sible.
This book gives you the information and the motivation you need to take advantage of this opportunity to improve your health and maximize your chances for a disease-free life.
You have a clear choice. You can live longer a n d healthier t h a n ever before, or you can do what most modern populations do: eat to create  disease and a premature death.  Since you  are  reading this book, you have opted to live longer and healthier. "Eat to Live" and you will have achieved the crucial first step.

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