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public, sparking discussions of the inherent differences between the genders when it comes to communication, reactions to problems, and sources of conflict.
Psychologists are not the only ones interested in how the mental
processes of women and men differ; a great deal of work is going on
in the world of basic science as well. Each year, more and more is being
learned about the links between mental processes and physical func-
especially as they relate to neurotransmitters. A paper published
in 2006 even theorized that the reason men smile less often than
women can be accounted for by the way their respective brains are
wired. It is well established that our behaviors in the realms of eating
and physical activity are influenced by chemical signals in the brain.
And while not much is known about those signals at this point, it is
likely that there are gender differences there as well. As more is
learned about how the brain affects mental well-being as it relates to
excess weight as well as the likely impact of gender differences, rele-
vant treatment options are sure to evolve.
The mental aspects of weight and weight loss cannot be overem-
phasized. The basic physiology of weight loss is relatively simple—in
order to lose weight, fewer calories must be taken in than expended.
But it is the behaviors—eating, exercise, and thinking—that are at the
heart of achieving lasting weight loss. There are clear differences
between men and women when it comes to weight-loss behaviors,
and this book touches on all of them. Of particular interest are the dif-
ferences as weight loss relates to how men and women use language,
a topic explored in chapter 4.

A Word of Caution
This book draws on a variety of sources to sort out the gender differ-
ences and to provide practical insights and solutions so that both men
and women can achieve lasting weight loss. Whenever possible,

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