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The reality is that there are very few studies of weight-loss treatment
involving men only in the published medical literature. In doing the
research for this book, only three randomized clinical trials (the gold
standard in research) done exclusively on men were found. And in the
spirit of full disclosure, the condition being treated with weight loss in
one of the studies wasn’t even obesity—it was erectile dysfunction. The
total number of men in the three studies combined was less than 300!
That’s not even a drop in the bucket compared with the thousands (if
not millions) of women who have participated in women-only weight-
loss studies.
The lack of male-oriented obesity research is unfortunate because
it limits the available pool of knowledge on how best to help men lose
weight. Just as women used to be treated for heart disease based on
treatments that had been proved effective in men, weight-loss treat-
ment strategies have largely come from studies done on women.
Assuming that a man is just like a woman in dealing with weight-
related issues is a mistake. Fortunately, Weight Watchers has a great
deal of experience in helping men lose weight, and that expertise is
shared throughout this book.

Different Sexes, Different Bodies
While the fundamental principles of weight loss are the same for both
genders—expending more calories than are taken in—the elements
that lead to the creation of the caloric deficit that invokes weight loss
are not. Indeed, men and women are different; they are biologically
different and emotionally different. Because both biology and psychol-
ogy are integral to successful weight loss, these differences are
extremely important.
The physical variations between the genders require little explana-
tion. The body composition—that is, the proportions of muscle,
bone, and fat that make up the male and female bodies—of men and
women are quite different. A typical man who weighs 154 pounds

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